Review My Mortgage

Life happens. Things change. Sometimes your mortgage needs to as well!

Whether your current mortgage is up for renewal, or you’re looking to restructure things and access your home’s equity, we’ve got your back. Here’s what a review of your mortgage will look like:

Step One

We get to know you.

Our online process makes this real easy. Simply complete our application in our secure customer portal, upload some supporting documents, then sit back and relax! Want to jump on a quick call to break the ice first? No problem! Schedule a call with us here.

Step Two

We provide you with options.

This is what separates us from everyone else. Together we will review a Lender Comparison Report not only highlighting each lender’s rates and payments, but also some of the “fine print” you would not normally know to ask about. Each option is reviewed side by side so it’s easy for you to spot the differences and select the best option for you.

Step Three

We make it happen.

We work with you to ensure all of the lender’s conditions are fully satisfied and then walk you through your documents with a personalized video during the digital signing process.

Step Four

Welcome to the family!

Just like family, we’re not going anywhere! We truly believe our job really begins after your mortgage is complete. We continue to keep an eye on the market for you and look for opportunities to save you money. We are also always available for any questions or scenarios you want to bounce off us at any time. Family looks after family!

We are ready and waiting!

Sign up and start your application.

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