Mortgage Refinance

There are many great reasons to refinance your home, we have listed a few important topics below:

Consolidate debt

Most unsecured debt is priced by your bank at a higher rate than your mortgage, in order to compensate for the higher risk of loss if you default. You can use available home equity to pay out your debt, as it can reduce interest costs significantly. If the total of the existing mortgage and the debt to be refinanced is less than 80% of the value of your home, and you qualify for an increased loan amount, you can apply to refinance your mortgage.

Renovations and home improvements

If you want to spend money to improve your home, you may be able to take out equity from your home to accomplish your goal. The Ingram Mortgage Team can advise you through the process.

Introducing The Purchase Plus Improvements Mortgage

You can take out up to a max of 80% of your homes worth, up to 25 years, during your refinance for home improvements.

The Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage is a great option for homeowners looking to make large improvements.

Here’s how the program works:

  • The amount allowed for improvements is typically 10% – 20% of the purchase price, or up to $50,000 maximum. The money is to be used for “improvements” or “upgrades”, not repairs like leaks or structure issues
  • You will need quotes for the cost of the improvements you wish to make
  • The money is given to you upon completion of the renovations
  • You cannot claim the cost of your own labour as part of the renovation costs
  • An inspection report from an appraiser is required after the work is completed
  • If the final costs end up being less than expected, the leftover money is applied back against the mortgage’s principal balance

This program is available at both fixed and variable rates.

Take advantage of today’s low rates

Many people are refinancing their homes to take advantage of today’s historically low interest rates. If you are currently in a fixed rate, closed product, there will likely be a penalty to pay out your mortgage early. In some cases these penalties can be extremely high, due to the “fine print” in your mortgage commitment. An Ingram Mortgage Team professional will be able to analyze your situation and help you decide whether it will be worth it for you in the long run to pay this penalty.

You can also use our calculator to look at what the current market refinance rate is.

Home equity / Line of Credit

Securing a loan against the existing equity in your home for home renovations, a vacation, a new car, or your dream vacation home, is a popular option. Refinancing, whether it be a relatively straightforward refinance of your existing mortgage balance, or utilizing your home equity for any other purpose desired, is a strategic financial decision that requires the assistance of a mortgage expert to get you the best deal from the hundreds of options available. Whether you want to:

  • lower your monthly payment
  • consolidate debt
  • make home renovations
  • pull cash out of your home
  • increase your flexibility with a credit line
  • break your mortgage

Mortgage Refinance Interest Savings

Find out how much interest you can save by refinancing your mortgage.

Penalty Calculator

Calculate your penalty for paying off your mortgage early.

Ultimate Variable Rate Mortgage (UVRM) Guarantee

The Ingram Mortgage Team guarantees that when it comes time to lock in a variable rate mortgage, the team will offer their best discounted fixed rates available.
What is the Ingram Mortgage Team UVRM Guarantee?

1. The team will keep an eye on mortgage rates! Whenever a rate changes, the team will inform you AND tell you when it’s a good time to lock-in to a fixed rate.
2. When locking-in a mortgage to a fixed rate the team GUARANTEEs the lender’s best fixed rates OR the team will pay your breakage fee to get out of the mortgage to find a better rate.

This “Broker Rate Lock in Guarantee” means that the service doesn’t stop when your mortgage documents are signed—the team continues to look for the best mortgage options for as long as you have your mortgage with the Ingram Mortgage Team
Eligible Lenders: First National, Merix, Street Capital, Scotia, TD, Home Trust, Eq Bank, Canadiana Standard, CFF, ICICI, MCAP Standard, B2B, NBC, Coast Capital Savings.

Jordan Kremyr

I was a first time home buyer and really didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure what my price range was or if I could even afford to get into the market.  However, Jeff and the Ingram Mortgage Team showed me it that becoming a home owner was possible and I was approved in no time.  I thought the whole process was going to be nerve racking and uneasy, but Jeff illustrated such optimism and care towards my family and I that it made it impossible to be uneasy.  Thank you Ingram Mortgage Team for being a key component to an important stage in my life.

Matthew Kirk

Jeff helped us with each of our last two mortgages.  In each case he was proactive and went the extra mile to ensure that we found the mortgage that was right for us.  Jeff’s creativity and ability to see the ‘big picture’ ensured that we got the best rate possible, even in difficult circumstances.  We have been extremely happy with the Ingram Mortgage Team.

B. Weick

Jeff Ingram and his team were great! He was easily accessible and answered every question I had. What I appreciated the most was his ability to take our full needs into consideration and present us with different solutions. He also negotiated the best rate for our circumstance and took the time to explain the process, calming any fears we had. Real-estate is a large investment, whether you are just starting or if you have been in it for a while. Either way, I would have no problems recommending Jeff and his team for his experience, availability, insight and hard work!

Colby & Shannon Smith

My wife and I were struggling with credit card debt.  We were making our payments, but we weren’t making any progress.  We went to the bank we had our mortgage with and they told us they couldn’t do anything for us.  I spoke to Jeff about our problem and he was able to use the equity in our mortgage through a refinance and he got us a rate that was much better than what any of the banks were offering.  Now, we are able to focus our money where we want it and are saving hundreds in interest, all thanks to the IMT.

Tom Getzie

I have purchased several properties in the last 15 years and have always gone through the bank for my mortgage. For my latest purchase I went through Jeff as my mortgage broker. The difference between Jeff as opposed to the bank is that he actually goes out and finds the best rate for you. He was always available for any questions and made the entire application process effortless from start to finish. I would recommend Jeff and the Ingram Mortgage Team to anyone looking for a mortgage. He will save you thousands over dealing with the bank.

Trent & Misha

We had the pleasure of working with the Ingram Mortgage Team during the recent purchase of our first home. Jeff always went above and beyond to explain the details of what we needed to know for our mortgage needs. He did all the research for us, secured the best rate (better than any bank), and always stayed on top of all the current information. We always felt very confident that Jeff had our best interest at heart and that we could trust him fully. We couldn’t ask for more in a Mortgage broker and we will definitely be recommending him to all of our future home-buying friends and family. A sincere thank you Jeff and the Ingram Mortgage team!

Trevor Hanson

I was very appreciative and impressed by how hard Jeff worked for us to find the lowest interest rate and terms available. Jeff went the extra mile, or more, for us by always being available and ready to answer any and all questions that we may have had. Jeff has integrity and is a dedicated and honest mortgage broker. He works hard for his clients. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him!