UA Home Buyer’s Program

How Would You Like To Receive
Cash-At-Closing When You Buy A Home?!



Given To UA Home Buyers

Dominion Lending Centres and the Ingram Mortgage Team are excited to launch an exclusive mortgage program available only to United Association members.

This program is your gateway to specialized service and advice when it comes to all of your home financing scenarios. As a UA member, you have full access to all of the perks and benefits available through the UA Mortgage Program. These advantages include, but are not limited to:

  • Cash-At-Closing upon completion of your purchase as a member of our exclusive UA Home Buyers Program
  • Access to a wide variety of lenders – we are electronically connected to over 30 different lenders so that you don’t have to waste time doing the shopping on your own
  • Exclusive pricing – best discounted rates and unpublished rate specials
  • Guaranteed interest savings and years cut off your amortization when enrolled in our Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy
  • Discounts on legal services
  • Discounts on property inspections
  • Free appraisals, if required
  • Rental property programs
  • Renewal programs

In addition to the wide variety of advantages that are available, you are also guaranteed to receive expert advice on all of your mortgage strategies. Backed by over 30 years of combined experience, you are sure to be informed and educated throughout the entire process, and anytime you need a mortgage for the rest of your life. We promise to be both friend, and mentor, to you and your family.


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Already Own a Home?

You can take advantage of our UA Mortgage Program too!

Take Advantage of our UA Mortgage Program Today!

Whether your mortgage is up for renewal, or you are looking to access your equity to pay out some debt or finance a renovation, as UA members you get access to exclusive benefits through the UA Mortgage Program.

  • Beat The Bank Guarantee … we guarantee to beat the bank or we’ll pay you $1,000*
  • Lender Comparison … We directly compare 5 different lender and mortgage options, including your own bank, catered for your exact financial situation.
  • Ultimate Variable Rate Guarantee … we make our variable rate not-so-variable. If you think it’s time to “lock in”, we guarantee the lowest lock in rate available or we’ll pay your penalty for you and move your mortgage elsewhere.
  • Personal Advisors … like a financial advisor, we stay on top of things and optimize your mortgage by performing annual reviews, protect you from rising rates, and save you money.
  • Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy … guaranteed interest savings and years knocked off your amortization
  • Discounts on legal services, if required
  • Free appraisals, if required

In addition to the above benefits, we want to make things as convenient as possible for you. That’s why on every transaction, we have the technology available to give you the option of doing everything remotely. Don’t get us wrong, we would love to meet with you in person! We just know the reality of it is that sometimes there aren’t enough hours in a day to be adding in face-to-face appointments. So, if you want that option available to you, just let us know and we will prepare everything electronically!

*We’ll beat initial rate offers from any of the 5 major Canadian banks. Our guarantee extends to a direct comparison of savings between our full mortgage strategy and management plan and any other lender’s complete offer for the first five year term.

Think signing your mortgage renewal on the dotted line is the best thing to do? Think again. More importantly, you should be selecting the RIGHT Mortgage Professional before selecting your term or rate.

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