Ingram Mortgage Team Referral Program

We have a NEW Referral Reward Program! And we know you’re going to LOVE it!

The Ingram Mortgage Family Cutco Referral Reward Program

At first glance this might seem like an unusual gift from a mortgage broker – but as you know, we are a little “different” and darn proud of it! 

If we fund a mortgage for someone referred by you, YOU will receive the best kitchen knives money can buy!

1st Referral

The 1st referral-recognition knife is the Spatula Spreader – Jeff’s favourite knife for his sandwich artistry. From spreading PB&J to creating the perfect crust-less tuna sandwiches this knife can do it all. It even has a flexible blade for slicing a piece of pie or lasagna and provides easy pan removal.

2nd Referral

The 2nd referral recognition knife is the Santoku Style Trimmer, which is Jacklyn’s “go-to” knife. From slicing and dicing fruits and vegetables to trimming the fat off meats, this knife is a versatile tool to have in your kitchen.

3rd Referral

Coming to you for your 3rd successful referral is the Paring Knife, which may be the most practical knife in the collection! It’s easy to slice and dice small foods, quarter potatoes and apples, remove stems and eyes from veggies, and if you’re the fancy type it’s great for creating celery curls, pickle fans and other decorative garnishes!

All Cutco products are backed by a Forever – Lifetime Guarantee just as the Ingram Mortgage Team will always keep a ‘sharp eye’ on your finances, these knives will remain a ‘cut above’ for years to come.

As a bonus thank you, if requested, we will have these and EVERY knife in your drawer sharpened for you as a reminder of how much we truly appreciate your support.

From our home to yours – THANK YOU for the continued support!

Give us a call to get your referral started. 

~ Ingram Mortgage Team