Buying a home is an exciting milestone, but it’s also a big decision. For many people, the process doesn’t end with the first purchase — another move may happen at some point in your life. That’s why it’s important for buyers to understand the ins and outs of repeat home buying. Keep reading to learn more about what repeat home buyers should know before embarking on their journey.

What is a Repeat Home Buyer?

A repeat home buyer is anyone who has purchased one or more homes in the past and is now looking to buy another property. You may be looking for a larger space for growing your family, downsizing after retirement, or making an investment purchase. Whatever the reason, repeat home buyers have a good understanding of the process and what is needed in order to make it as smooth as possible. 

What Should Repeat Home Buyers Consider?

When purchasing a home for the second or third time, there are some things that should be taken into consideration by repeat home buyers before you begin a search. First and foremost, make sure to consider your budget and financial situation — even if you have been through the process before, this could have changed significantly since your last purchase. It’s also important to consider location — whether you want to stay close to where you currently live or relocate further away — as well as any specific features you need in a new home (such as extra bedrooms or open yard space). Finally, repeat homebuyers should research all available options before making any final decisions. 

What Drives People to Become Repeat Home Buyers?

There are many reasons why people become repeat home buyers. One common reason is lifestyle changes – for example, having children or needing more space for family members can make purchasing a bigger property attractive. Another reason for becoming a repeat buyer comes down to financial stability – owning your own property can be less expensive than renting in some cases, so buying again can be an attractive option if you’ve already accumulated the necessary capital. Other reasons might include relocating due to work or wanting to upgrade from your current house to something with more amenities or features.    

Are there any Special Considerations for Repeat Home Buyers?

Buying a second (or third!) property isn’t always as straightforward as buying your first one. As such, it may be useful to consult with an experienced realtor who can provide advice on things like financing options and local zoning regulations that could impact your purchase decision. It’s also important that you research your credit score prior to applying for any loans; this will give you an idea of what interest rates you may qualify for when shopping around for mortgages.


Buying another property is no small task! Whether you’re looking to upgrade from your current residence or just move somewhere different altogether, being aware of all the special considerations associated with becoming a repeat home buyer can help ensure that your experience goes smoothly.

If you’re looking into buying another property as a repeat buyer, there are many advantages that come along with knowing the ropes and having access to special programs designed just for experienced buyers like yourself. At the Ingram Mortgage Group, we are happy to help repeat home buyers and new homeowners!