About The Program

The UA Mortgage Program was created by the Ingram Mortgage Team, in conjunction with your individual Local. The program was designed to offer unique mortgage strategies that are exclusive to UA members, thus enhancing the value of being a member of this union.

UA Home Buyers Program

Members of the United Association have the option of opting in to the UA Home Buyers Program when purchasing a home, either for their primary residence or for rental, investment or vacation purposes. Members of this program will have full access to the following benefits:

  • Cash @ Closing upon completion of your home purchase. **Cash amount is dependent on price of home and is NOT reflected in a higher interest rate**
  • Exclusive pricing – Best discounted rates and unpublished rate specials.
  • Free appraisals, when required
  • Discounts on Legal Services
  • Discounts on Property Inspections

To be able to design such a lucrative package for home buyers, we had to put together a team of professionals who will all work together to make all of the above benefits available to you, while ensuring the smoothest transaction for you possible.

UA Refinance Program

As a UA member, you will have the ability to use the equity you have grown in your home to refinance and pay out other high-interest debts, complete a renovation, invest or anything else you need the money for! Or maybe you are tired of paying a high interest rate and would like to refinance in to one of today’s extremely low rates. There are many scenarios when the cost to breaking your mortgage is outweighed by your savings each month. This is something we do for clients every day. The difference with you, as a UA member, is you will receive a discount on your legal services and never have to pay for an appraisal, which means more equity left in your home and eventually in your pocket!

UA ‘Adopt My Mortgage’ Program

If your mortgage is currently held with another financial institution, let us ‘adopt’ your mortgage and offer you the same great strategies we offer our current clients, such as the Inflation Hedge Mortgage Strategy, which will guarantee to shave years off of your amortization as well as save you thousands of dollars in interest during the process. We are not changing or moving your mortgage at all, we are simply ‘adopting’ it and managing this debt for you.

If your mortgage is coming up for renewal, don’t simply sign the renewal letter you receive from your bank without doing any shopping around. Opt-in to our ‘Adopt My Mortgage’ program and we will do the shopping for you. As a UA member, you are entitled to discounts on legal services, free appraisals, exclusive pricing on interest rates and industry-leading strategies so that you are always optimizing your mortgage for maximum savings.

UA Rental Property Program

Policies and government regulations for financing rental properties have changed drastically over the last two years. Don’t make things any more difficult than they already are. Take advantage of our rental programs which will not only educate you on what it takes to own a rental property, but also ensure that we are maximizing the rental income for qualification purposes as well as finding the best rental program to meet your unique needs. As a UA member, you are guaranteed exclusive pricing on interest rates. Some lenders and banks often charge premiums on their rental programs, however we ensure that you will not be subject to such charges. As with the other programs above, you are also guaranteed discounts on legal services and inspections, as well as free appraisals when required.


Wondering how we are able to offer all of these services? View the Program Outline and how it works by clicking the button below!