Ingram Mortgage Team Evolved

Ingram Mortgage Team Evolved

Mortgages just got a lot easier

Our same great service simplified.

Mortgage applications from anywhere

Access our system from anywhere – your smart phone on your couch, iPad in a coffee shop or your computer at work or home. Your experience will be the same across all platforms.

Review and compare offers

The portal allows us to review and compare offers from several banks and lenders, generating a Lender Comparison Report that clients can use to compare different rates and terms, as well as some of the “fine print” that comes with each mortgage such as their pre-payment privileges and penalty calculations. Things the average consumer would not know to ask unless they were told.

Paperless process

We know that the most stressful part of the process is collecting documents; so we made the portal intuitive so that you can take a picture of your pay stub with your camera phone and it automatically uploads it to your file.

Mortgage education

We know that first time buyers begin their research 11 months prior to buying their first home, so including an education piece that they can use at their disposal while preparing for their first big purchase was very important to us.

Active Mortgage Management

Your mortgage is the largest debt you will ever take on. But, if managed properly, it can become your greatest asset.

We are more connected with this vision now than ever before. This is why we are offering as many features to our clients as possible


Automatic notifications

The portal will send automatic notifications to our clients when market rates increase, triggering an opportunity for us to have a discussion and determine what our next best step is.


Lender Comparison Report

The portal allows us to review and compare offers from several banks and lenders.

Lender grades

Taking into account your financial situation and the features from each lender we create a lender grade from A – C. The ratings help you narrow down the right mortgage solution.

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